Automotive market intelligence

Market intelligence on demand

Get comprehensive and accurate data about vehicle pricing, promotions, and stock

Inform your pricing strategy

Track pricing and promotions of comparable models without missing a single sale.

Keep tabs on competitors

See when vehicles get listed or removed and promos get activated, deactivated, or changed.

Ensure compliance

Verify that dealerships and other channel partners comply with your commercial and pricing policies.

Included features:

  • Accurate data on vehicle prices, promotions, and stock information

  • Coverage for all vehicle brands of interest

  • Support for customer-specified car dealership and other channel websites

  • Standard dashboards with vehicle and dealership historical data

  • Custom dashboards for your specific needs

  • Support for daily, weekly, and custom cadences

  • Ability to export data to PDF, CSV, XLS

  • Ability to filter data based on different dimensions

  • Email notifications for vehicles you favorite

  • Unlimited users

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Data Fields

Our typical project includes collecting the following data from dealership websites:

Data FieldExample
TitleNew 2022 Toyota Corolla LE 4D Sedan FWD
Listing TypeNew vehicle
ModelCorolla 2022
Vehicle TypeSedan
Internet Price$21,269
Dealership NameToyota Fremont
Dealership CityFremont
Dealership Zip94538
Link[web link to live listing]